58th Anniversary of FEB Unsoed, Move Forward and Work for the Nation

The commemoration of the 58th Anniversary of FEB Unsoed was held online and offline while still observing health protocols. In her speech, the Chairperson of the Committee, Monica Rosiana, S.E., M.Sc. said “With the tagline Forward, Superior and Work for the Country, this year’s Anniversary series held three main activities, namely: Pilgrimage (Wednesday, 6 October 2021), Anjangsana (Thursday, 7 October 2021) and Thanksgiving (Monday, 11 October 2021). In addition, the following competitions were also held: 1. Speech Video 2. Gymnastics Video and Singing Video, and attractive prizes are provided in the form of coaching moneyā€¯. During the pilgrimage, they visited the graves of Mr. Budi Juwono in Pegalongan, Mr. HM.Musa at the Pekih Cemetery, Mr. Roedhoro, Mrs. Buntarti, Mr. Rubi at the Martadirjan Cemetery in Kalibogor, for the anjangsana activity there were 10 retired FEB employees who were visited.

Anniversary activities are carried out online and offline, on Monday (11/10), present offline at the FEB Unsoed integrated laboratory on the 6th floor are the Dean, Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments, Senate, Retired Representatives and Students represented by the Chair of the BEM .

The main capital to develop FEB so that it can grow even more is to build human resources to be better, more professional so that FEB will advance, excel and continue to work for the country,” said Dr. Hariadi who represents the retired. Furthermore, the Dean in his speech said that “The success of FEB cannot be separated from the previous figures, our current task is in the position of carrying out the mandate, how can we improve what the previous figures are trying to do so that it is truly in accordance with the theme of this 58th Anniversary, FEb will become an institution that is advanced, superior and continues to work. One example of FEB’s continuous achievements is the Integrated Laboratory, the idea was from Prof. Pramono, completed construction, followed by exterior, interior, program design by Prof. Suliyanto, the task of the Dean now is how to make the Integrated Lab with its programs get recognition in accordance with the RENSTRA from the University”. In addition, the Dean informed that having held an international accreditation workshop, FEB will apply for international accreditation for 3 study programs, namely S1 Management, S1 Accounting and S1 Economics in Development Studies. “We ask for prayers and support from all parties because it is impossible for us to achieve without the participation of all elements in FEB,” continued the Dean.