Workshop “Agrotourism Management with Synergized and Quality Management Resources”

The PHP2D team has carried out a workshop with “Agrotourism Management with Synergized and Quality Management Resources.” The Workshop was held at the Sunyalangu Village Hall at 09.30. Some guests took part in the Workshop between the Head of Sunyalangu Village, Mr. Tolchah Mansyur, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, and Alumni FEB Unsoed, Mr. Drs. Rakhmat Priyono, M.E, Assistant Lecturer Mr. Arif Andri Wibowo, S.E., M.E. and representatives from the Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism as speakers in the workshop activities. The Workshop was also attended by village officials, tourism awareness groups, Bukit Pule managers, LMDH, and the Sunyalangu Village community.

The main event was a workshop guided by Mr. Bahrudin, S.E., M.Sc. as the presenter. He explained the material about agro-tourism and continued with the workshop participants’ discussion so that communication between the presenter and the participants was two-way so that the material was conveyed more optimally. During the discussion session, the attendees were divided into four participants, namely attractions, amenities, accessibility, and auxiliary groups. Each group was asked to explore tourism culture, Sunyalangu, typical food, how to access Sunyalangu Village, and, most importantly, access to Pule Hill. Because in truth, the most significant potential is not how much money you get, not how much money you have to spend, but each one of us is a resource to build Sunyalangu Village Agrotourism Village. (By: Wahyu Triani)

Picture 1. Discussion to Identify the Potential of Tourism Village
Picture 2. Representatives of Tourism Activists Explain the Potential that can be Developed in a Tourist Village
Picture 3. Photo session