Annual Report of International Program

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Started from last year, Our International Program has published a book version of Annual Report. With purpose to give a clear picture and description about International Program’s current status, activities, and also information about everything that happened during 2015 in International Program. This Annual Report Book was prepared as part of International Program’s commitment to value accountability and responsibility in managing a unit within organization. This Annual Report Book is used as documentation about recent events, information, and activities that happened in International Program during 2015.

This Annual Report Book is available in International Program and FEB’s library (PII). We do realize that this Annual report Book still far from perfection but we hope that the next annual report will be improved. We also would like to say Thank You for all the parties that have been contributed and supported International Program last year. We hope this year we’ll also receive as much as last year support and contribution. We also hope that this year we can perform better services to our students, faculty and university.