Chinese Students’ Impressions

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On January 5th, we interviewed 4 of 5 Exchange Students from Hebei University, China, they were Ann, Alisa, April, and Amber. We asked them about their impressions of studying and living here for about six months in FEB Unsoed. Here their impressions.

“I  felt relax here because the peoples here were very kind. I  was happy because my classmates invited us  to have a trip together to Jogja, Jakarta, Bali, and Pangandaran.” - An Shuang a.k.a Ann

“There were two foods I liked in here and I would be missed when I go back to China, those foods were Mendoan and Martabak”. - Shi Qiuping a.k.a Alisa.

“Actually I enjoy studying here, and especially my classmate were very nice to me “ -April a.k.a Sun Yue.

“I thought Purwokerto was a cozy town, and even though not all peoples here could speak in English but they were very friendly to us.”-  Qi Huiming a.k.a Amber

And that’s the impression from our beloved Chinese Students.