EFEC National Talkshow 2014

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EFEC National Talkshow 2014 is an annual event from EFEC (Economics & Business Faculty English Club) Unsoed. For the fifth times EFEC has successfully presented EFEC National Talkshow, for this year the theme is “Fashion & Business” that was held at 7th of June with Lana sagita and Gofar Hilman as the guest stars.

Lana Sagita as a designer, founder and owner of DIALEK Brand had successfully given inspiration for all audiences with runway performance that presented her masterpiece. From DIALEK Brand, we could know and learn about Indonesia’s culture heritage, like batik, the one of parts of Indonesia. The bravery Lana Sagita was being inspiration for all audiences by bringing Indonesian culture to the international scoope in different way, especially in fashion and business field.

Also, Gofar Hilman as a founder and owner of Lawless Jakarta Brand had successfully given inspiration and entertained the audience. Different with Lana Sagita that brought Indonesia Culture, Gofar Hilman had made all type of Motors Club unite, start from Vespa club until Harley Davidson club in the term of fashion.

With the experiences from Lana Sagita and GofarHilman, there are so many lessons we get, but the important things that we must do is find our passion and be brave to do it.

Sasmi Dance and Sasmi Acoustic Band also entertained all the audiences of ENT 2014. This Event successfully closed with the plaque and souvenirs which were given to the guest stars. After the closing, there was photo session with the guest stars for the VIP audience, then posting sticky notes session.