International Workshop with Rotary International

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On Monday, 11th April 2016, International Program held an International Workshop collaborated with Rotary International. This workshop which took place in Roedhiro, raised a theme about Leadership and Entrepreneurship. There were 2 speakers invited for this workshop; Mrs. Eva Kurniaty, M.Sc and Captain Boedi Soehardi. Mrs. Eva Kurniaty is an International Trainer of Leadership, she also owns many developed business and organization such as ShelterBox Indonesia. Captain Boedi Soehardi is the social worker that devoted his life to help the children in NTT, he also a receiver of CNN Hero Award 2009. The participants of this workshop came not only from Universitas Jenderal Soedirman’s students and lecturers, but also from other universities’ students and lecturers in Purwokerto. The workshop started from 9 AM with a speech from Faculty of Economics and Business’ Dean, Mr. Pramono Hari Adi. Despite of the big amount of registrants, we only provided seats for 200 participants. All of the participants enjoyed the events which they say provided a very valuable knowledge and lesson for them.