National Seminar on Sustainable Competitive Advantage-3 with Marzuki Alie

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PURWOKERTO - Housed in the Faculty of Economics in the title UNSOED Roedhiro National Seminar and Call for Papers . This event is a series of activities in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics in 2013 UNSOED. National Seminar on the theme of creativity and innovation to increase the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises was attended by over 300 participants from various regions , Friday ( 1/11 ) .

Dr. Suliyanto,SE,MM, chairman of the committee of the National Seminar in remarks reported that National Seminar an annual event UNSOED Faculty of Economics . He also reported the number of participants who followed the call for papers as many as 132 participants . At the same time the Dean of the Faculty of Economics UNSOED Dr.Pramono Hari Adi, MS will deliver happiness over the presence of participants SEMNAS and she also officially opened National Seminar combined with AFEBI Congress. National Seminar event also presented two speakers that include Dr.H.Prof Marzuki Alie and Mudrajat Kuncoro,Ph.D with moderator Margani Pinasti,SE,M.Si,Ak .

Dr.H. Marzuki Alie as speakers deliver first, that the structure of the Indonesian economy in the number of UKM has reached 99.9 % of the total business.Even for the UKM sector to be one of rescue in the event of a crisis in the era of 1997-1998. Bang Alie familiarly called, said that the strategic role of UKM in an effort to still often underestimated. The technology -based UKM can affect competitiveness factors . Competitiveness factors as a course major human resource capabilities in harnessing science and technology there, other than that there are several factors that include access to technology factors , access to markets and capital. " Currently there are no laws governing empowerment to build the nation's economy, and protect the people who have businesses engaged in the economy ", he added. Marzuki added , " We will soon make a draft law on the protection of economic empowerment in the field of business " .

Both speakers Prof . Mudrajat Kuncoro , Ph.D , how to improve productivity not only at the state level, but also at the level of companies and industries. He also said that the main characteristics of UKM include : there is no separation of owners and managerial , to use his own labor , and families rely on their own capital , not a legal entity . On the other hand , Prof. Mudrajad convey that important paradigm shift in the development of UKM . Innovation must be made , in addition to cooperation and further promotion .