New Exchange Students from Malaysia

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This month we welcome new 5 exchange students from University Utara  Malaysia.  Those  students  are: Nur Akila Shabeera binti Mokhtar, Nur Azniza binti Samsol Azman, Nur Salhira binti  Roslan,  Siti  Nadia binti Nuruedeen,   and   one   student   who actually  a  Thailand  citizen,  Siti  Mariayae  Waedueramae. 

They  arrived  in  Indonesia  at  February  23rd afternoon and arrived in Purwokerto at the night. They will stay for 1 semester and will take the Management study program courses. The students said that their first impression of Indonesia is so good that they think they will like it here.

Welcome to International Program FEB UNSOED Miss. Akila, Niza, Nadia, Salhira, and Mariyae. We hope you enjoy your stay here.