Our Inbound and Outbond Students’ Ramadhan Story

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Ramadhan is also known as the time where we spend most of our time with family. Unfortunately, our students inbound and outbound can’t experience that special moment with family since they’re abroad. Therefore, as the students inbound is also the part of International Program Family, to help them to treat their homesickness Mr. Agung and Mr. Adi invited them to had a break fasting at their home. The hard part of being away from home at Ramadhan, according to the students, is when they have to eat by themselves at “sahur” and break fasting. But overall, they said that the Ramadhan environment in their country (Malaysia) and Indonesia are almost the same. Fortunately, they will not spend all of their Ramadhan away from home. This June 29th 2016 they already finished their study here and went back to their home country. Goodbye for all of them, Happy Ramadhan and Happy Ied Fitri!!

From our students outbond abroad, they share some different story. Some of our students in Japan and China spend their first Ramadhan abroad. Different from Indonesia which most of the citizens are Muslims, they can’t feel any Ramadhan environment in Japan and China. Ramadhan there is just the same like any other day. Moreover, since it’s already early summer there the hours they spend for fasting is quite longer than what we spend here. In Japan and China they spend almost 15-16 hours fasting while here we just spend 8-9 hours fasting. They also said that they miss Ramadhan food so much like Opor, Rendang, and Kolak, but they didn’t feel homesick as they already have a lot of friends there. Well, Good luck for all of them!!