Prof. Maruyama Visitation to IP FEB UNSOED

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Prof. Maruyama  Shigefumi  came  to  visit International  Program  FEB  UNSOED  at  Febraury 25th  2016. He came with one of his student from Takamatsu University and stayed here for 4 days. The purpose of his visitation is to meet our students’  candidates   who   will   join   exchange

program  in  Takamatsu  University.  There  are  5  students  who  will  go  to  Takamatsu  University.  Prof. Maruyama came to give explanation about Takamatsu and the university itself for the students and also to check about the students’ preparation to go there.

Our students will go to Japan at March 23rd, the new semester will started at April in Japan. We wish them all the joy and luck in Japan! がんばって! Ganbatte!!