Rani Adhari joined "Educate Slovakia"

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Doing a voluntary activity is a great experience for student. Here we got a story from our International Business Program student, Rani Adhari. She just got back from Europe to join an AIESEC’s program called “Educate Slovakia”. Let’s have her great story then.


Hello! My name is Rani Adhari, majoring in International Business 2016. I want to share my experience to be a volunteer for last winter holiday.

I joined AIESEC’s project. It was Educate Slovakia. So, after final exam I went to one of that European Country. There, I teach children, from primary until high school about Get to Know Indonesia like; Indonesian Lifestyle, Culture, Tradition, Education System, and self Development. It was amazing experience! I could present my own country to other. And they were very excited about Indonesia. They had a lot of questions, from interesting one until the funny one. They said:

“Where is Indonesia?”

“Is it Bali in Indonesia?”

“Do you have cannibalism in your country?”

“I love nasi goreng and satay, can you cook it for us again?”

“I don’t like tempe. It’s horrible. Do you eat this every day?”

“What thing that can you buy with only Rp. 5? OMG I think I will be rich person in Indonesia!”

“I want to go to Indonesia! Take me to Bali and Raja Ampat!”

“OMG I will stay in Indonesia! Because every day is summer there!”

And so on. But the point is, they love Indonesia so Much! And they promise me to go to Indonesia one day and visit me again! And of course I got so many new friends from different country, like Ukraine, China, Srilanka, Taiwan, and Kyrgyzstan. They were amazing friends and also I love them so much!

Beside that, I got so many new experiences and I learn a lot from it. I become more respectful, I can develop my English skills (remembering that we communicate use English everyday), I learn so many new cultures from different country, I learn a little about other language! Ahoj co Robis? Ne ne ne, and become more open minded. Like, we live in the same earth. But why we can’t be united? And the awful GDP. And don’t forget about war and racism!

After all the volunteering things was over, I need to went back to my country. And remembering what happen to my country now, I really want to do something my country first. Then I can be something in the world. I learn so many things and I madly in love with Europe. But, nothing can change the first place for my country in my heart. So here I’m. Become a college student in Jenderal Soedirman University to develop my country.