Selection Process for Students Outbound

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The registration Process for Students Exchange and Double Degree Program had been started from the beginning of May and earlier this month we started to begin the screening and selection process. Over all, the selection process divided into 3 stages. First, the English proficiency assessment. We coordinated with UPT Bahasa UNSOED for this stage. The students took the TOEFL test to measure their English skill. Second is the academic potential test or SAT. The last one is the interview. Here, the students were divided based on the University they proposed into. The purpose for the interview as the last step of the selection process is to figure out the motivation, willingness, and readiness of the students to go abroad.  The total number of students who applied are 57 students; 18 from Economic Development, 20 from Management, and 19 from Accounting. The result of the selection process will be announced at July and wish them all the best! We hope that the selected student will be the best candidate to represent our university and also our country abroad.