A Story from TAEP students in Japan

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Last year, two International Program students of Faculty of Economics and Business went to Japan for their dual degree program in Teikyo University. They are Bill William and Chrisma Dewi Ahyuningtyas. They got full scholarship from Teikyo Asia Exchange Program (TAEP) to study in Japan for two years. This dual degree program is a collaboration between UNSOED and Teikyo University. To know more about that TAEP program and our students' experience in Japan, we already got the story written by Bill and Chrisma below.   

This was the second semester our study in TAEP program. We continued to study and  took  11  subjects,  same  as  Spring  semester,  but  slightly  different  schedule.  All subjects in the Autumn Semester have the same title as before, but different contents and teaching materials. The subjects are still about macroeconomy, economic development, economic history, statistic as well as English and Japanese. We enjoyed learning it and we discover more way of thinking in terms of social sciences.

As mentioned in the Spring Semester report, the teaching materials and scopes were  varied  between  subjects.  One  subject  was  taught  using  philosophical  book  to explain  development  in  different  way  while  another  using  mathematical  explanation about economic development just like what policymakers do. Balance learning between theory and practices as well as historical lesson and up to date global economic news sum up our study during this semester.

Beside class session, we also participated in several non-academic activities such as,  group  discussion,  presentation  in  Junior  High  School.  We  had  made  a  few introductions regarding what kind of activities they are in the previous report, so we will make a full report about that in the next part.

Soon after Winter-Spring Break 2017, which is exactly on Spring Semester 2017, we will have to take around 10 courses together with TAEP Thesis course since this year we are going to start writing our thesis. Those 10 courses are completely new courses which we believe we will be focusing on learning business administration. We also were given an opportunity to decide which Professors who are going to be the advisor of our thesis. Those Professors have to be the lecturers who were teaching us since Spring Semester 2016. We do expect that we can finish our tasks well both taking courses and writing thesis without any problem or disruption. We will also continue sending reports of our academic as well as non-academic progress during staying in Japan.

After spending one year studying in Teikyo University Japan, basically there was no significant obstacle that we faced in terms of catching up and engaging ourselves toward  the  academic  environment  here. Every  lecturers,  staffs,  as  well  as  the  other students are very cooperative. Learning together with diverse people help us to broaden our network, point of view, and dig more sources of knowledge. We hope that the next students from Unsoed who will be coming to Japan by the end of March 2017 would experience the same great things.

Overall, we had experienced another valuable time studying economy in Japan. We learned more way of thinking toward economy and its application in our life and in the society. Both intellectual skill and interpersonal skill were developed in the school. Motivated by curiosity and global baseline, we challenged ourselves to gain more knowledge and be someone who can contribute to our surrounding environment. By writing this report, we tried to disclose our experience here as students from TAEP program.