UNSOED Students Joined Debating Championship at Oxford University

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UNSOED students competed in Oxford Inter Varsity on 7-9 November 2013. It was UNSOED’s first participation in an international debating championship. The venue was followed by Oxford Tour with Oxford Union on the next day.

The host, Oxford University, called for participation from 140 universities around the world, such as Monash University, Bangladesh University, Beijing University, Toronto University, Harvard University, Jenderal Soedirman University, Cambridge University and other top universities from all five continents.For the prestigious venue, UNSOED sent two students from Economics Faculty, i.e. Alan Afriyanto and Kiky Saragi. 

“In this competition we hadn’t won any title, but we had done our best”, Kiky said. UNSOED team beat Bangladesh, Sweden and Beijing’s. However, in competition with teams from English-speaking universities, we still had to work harder. UNSOED also needs more experience in such international championship. “One lesson that our team could learn is to avoid being emotional in setting arguments, and to rely on AREL (assertion, reason, evidence and link back) instead. Reading a lot of news is also mandatory”.    

Alan and Kiky admitted that their participation had not made UNSOED proud. Nevertheless, they believed that their experience  can encourage other students to practice and perform better in the next international debating championships. They also expressed their thanks to all sponsors like DIKTI, Perusahaan Gas Negara, UNSOED alumny, Economics Faculty and UNSOED.