Welcoming Exchange Students

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In August 2017, the International Program of Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED, receive an honor by welcoming exchange students from several countries consist of seven students from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), three students from Hebei University (China), and one student from Osaka International University (Japan). The students will spend one semester in UNSOED. There are three majors offered by the Program namely Economics Development, Management Studies and Accounting. To improve the students’ ability in speaking Indonesian language, the Indonesian language class is provided once a week.  
We had interviewed one of the exchange students regarding their motivation in choosing UNSOED especially the Faculty of Economics and Business as their exchange destination. One of the student from Malaysia, Nur Ahadiyah alleged that ”The reason why I choose UNSOED is because I heard some interesting story from my predecessor who had previously joint the exchange program. UNSOED provide wonderful academic atmosphere to foreign students as the program possess outstanding lecturers and academic staffs, outgoing students and teaching facilities. In addition, Purwokerto is a wonderful place to live in due to its tranquil environment, nice climate and friendly people. Having an opportunity to Study at UNSOED is challenging for me. I am much so honored to be here, as it is the most desirable study destiny for me”.  
The International program of FEB UNSOED does not only provide an exchange program for in-bound students but also sending their International Class students as out-bond students. There are several countries that have signed memorandum of agreement on exchange program with the Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED such as: Mahasarakham University (Thailand), University Utara Malaysia, Pukyong National University (Korea), Osaka International University (Japan) and Hebei University (China). Each country has different quotas for exchange applicants. Other than Exchange program, there is also Double Degree program; there are two Universities available for Double Degree program: the first is Takamatsu University (Japan), and the second is Teikyo University (Japan).