Bachelor and Diploma Graduation Debriefing Period March 2021

Economic and Business Faculty, Unsoed have been held graduation debriefing period March 2021 on Monday, March 22, 2021, with the theme “Dare To Dream and Plan Your Life”. This activity was organized by the Career Development Laboratory and FEB Unsoed Alumni Center in collaboration with Keluarga Alumni Fakultas Ekonomi (KAFE) Unsoed.

This event attended by 122 participants took place from 08.30 to 11.00 WIB through zoom meeting. This activity was guided by Dwita Aprillia Floresti, Cyntia Dhea Puspita, and Ezra Syamir Suhargo. Before the main event, MC was reading out the rules for debriefing alumni, and sing Indonesia Raya. Then continued with remarks by Ramitha Kholifaturrohmah, S.Pd., M. Pd., As the chairman of the committee, Dr Dwita Darmawati, S.E., M.Sc., as chairman of the Unsoed FEB Alumni and Career Development Laboratory, and the last Prof. Dr Suliyanto, MM., As the Dean of FEB Unsoed.

At today’s briefing, the moderators were Aldila Krisna, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Sc., and the speakers were Widodo Aryanto, SE., M.Com. He is an alumni of FEB Unsoed, who works as a human resource development consultant and career coach, trainer, and book writer.

At the beginning of delivering the material, Widodo Aryanto, SE., M.Com. convey that we can dream as high as possible as our motivation in a career and can be a space for us to explore ourselves wider and deeper. According to him, there are three ways of knitting success in life: self-confidence, because believing in yourself is one part of our success. The second way is that we have to build a positive mindset because what is on our minds will affect how we behave. The positive mindset that is meant is the mindset that we can be successful; we are good people and have good abilities. We must also pay attention to our behaviour because many companies accept employees with good academics, but many companies dismiss employees because of bad employee behaviour.

He said that we need to visualize and affirm our success. We also need to build our own characters, such as discipline, neatness in dress, and manners. So, other people can give us a sense of trust. Also, he said that we must have Skill, Knowledge, and Attitude (SKA). In the future, the skills needed are digital skills, such as creating content in videos, blogs, and so on. We also have the industry knowledge and networking so that we have a lot of information related to the world of work. Meanwhile, we must have a positive working attitude that must be built from now on, such as discipline, punctuality, and courtesy.

Then, He said that it is better if we do something, one by one, but it can impact. We can also make our days fun, and we don’t have to judge ourselves or others. According to him, we are better off praising others than thinking negatively of others. This is one of the highest qualities of self because we consider other people to be good examples.

After the delivery of the material from the speakers, a poll was held for the participants to find out what they would do after graduating. Then, the activity was continued with a question and answer session. The participants were very enthusiastic about asking several things related to career choices, tips on making a CV, and tips for self-confidence during a job interview in the question and answer session.

Before this activity ended, participants were allowed to give impressions and messages. Faiz Nuha Ilmawan and Gede Ari represented the participants’ impressions and messages for this activity. Faiz Nuha Ilmawan said that the implementation of this activity meant a lot to the participants. Even though it is carried out online, it does not reduce its quality and benefits. This activity is also useful for prospective graduates to stay in touch. According to him, the benefit obtained from this activity is that the participants can find out their weaknesses and strengths through the polls that have been conducted. Meanwhile, Gede Ari said that this activity was beneficial because he gained new knowledge about the world of work that he did not get in lectures. According to him, the knowledge gained from this activity can be a provision for him to.