Brainstorming: Uplifting Student Creativity in Creating PKM Proposals

On Sunday, February 21, 2021, a Webinar entitled “Brainstorming: Improving Student Creativity in Making PKM Proposals” was held. This event was held in collaboration with the Student Creativity Program Development Team (PKM) with the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Student Executive Board (BEM) FEB UNSOED. The event was held online with Zoom media and was attended by around 103 participants.

In the opening, Drs. Rakhmat Priyono, M.E, as Deputy Dean III for Student and Alumni Affairs, expressed his hope that PKM in the future can be more structured and well prepared. This event, according to him, is one of the ways FEB facilitates students in making PKM proposals. The main event began with a presentation from the speaker, Dedy Mahendra, MM, M.Bus, CEO of Blackdjacks Management and moderated by Mahardika Ayunda, a student of FEB UNSOED.

At the beginning of the presentation, the speaker explained about the business ecosystem and the importance of building and being involved in that ecosystem. Literally, ecosystem means the structure of the environment, while business means a situation where a person or group of people is busy doing work that generates profits. Then, the speaker continued by explaining the pentahelix strategy to build a business ecosystem. Pentahelix strategy collaborates government, academia, media, communities and entrepreneurs. In building a business, an understanding of the ecosystem is needed. To be involved in its business ecosystem, a pentahelix strategy is needed. The event was continued with a question-and-answer session between participants and speakers.