A Career Talkshow event organized by the Career Development Laboratory and Alumni Center of FEB Unsoed was held on Thursday, August 13, 2020. The event started at 09.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB via Zoom and YouTube live streaming. This Talkshow took theme “Planning Your Best Career – Be An Employee Or Entrepreneur”. The theme was chosen based on a small survey conducted by the Laboratory related to the theme desired by current FEB students. The event was moderated by Dra.Triani Arofah, M.Sc., Ak., CA and started with a speech from the chairman of the committee by Cut Misni Mulasiwi, S.Pd., MPd . The event was also attended by the Chair of the Career Development Laboratory and FEB Alumni Center Unsoed by Dr. Dwita Darmawati, SE, Msi, CPC, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Unsoed, Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, SE., MM., Chairman of the Unsoed Entrepreneurship Laboratory, Dr. Siti Zulaikha Wulandari, SE, M.Si, Career Lab Expert Staff, Dr. Ratno Purnomo, MSi; Head of Subdivision. Academic and Student Affairs of FEB, Mieke Kusumawanti S.Si, Head of Sub Division of Administration for FEB, Bambang Warsito, S.T., as well as lecturers of FEB Unsoed.

In his remark, the Dean of FEB said that there are still many students who are confused in choosing to work or become entrepreneurs. Some of them are already stable but because the current situation, thus they reconsider their options. According to him, entrepreneurship and work are equally good things. Because it is impossible if everyone has to become an entrepreneur or an employee, there must be a balance. In working or entrepreneurship, two important things are needed, namely competence and character. The competencies needed are not only technical, but they are also required to master the language and have good character. Character in the world of work is needed. There are two kinds of character, namely performance character (resilient, disciplined, hard work) and moral character (honesty, not easily angry). In the business world, character is also very important in maintaining the trust of consumers and business partners. Sometimes smart people are not needed more than good people.

The speaker at this event was Pujianto S.E, who is the Chairperson of the UMKM Association in Banyumas Regency and is the Director of CV. Ngapak Preneur. He is an entrepreneur who has experienced many ups and downs in achieving success today. Then the second speaker was Harsono Hadi, M.Sc., CPC. who is a Learning Facilitator and Coach and founder of Lini Sinergi. He is also the author of books, namely “Don’t Forget to Be Happy” and “Fishing in Clear Water”.

Before the presentation started, two short multiple choice polls were held for the participants where participants could choose several options from the available options regarding plans after graduating from college. 64.4% of participants chose to work in government agencies, ministries, or state-owned enterprises, 63.2% wanted to become entrepreneurs, 40.2% wanted to work in private companies. 28.7% want to take certain professions (lawyer, actuary, accountant, appraiser, etc.), 21.8% choose to work in academia and research, 4.6% want to become social activists (NGOs and community empowerment) and those who last 2.3% want to become political activists. The poll results show that the number of participants who are interested in becoming employees or entrepreneurs is not much different. Meanwhile, the second poll is about the main considerations when choosing a job or entrepreneurship. As many as 64.4% of participants considered their interests and passions, 55.2% considered a bright career, 51.7% because of money and income, 39.1% chose freedom of timing, and 6.9% because they are cool. Pujianto S.E. shared his journey and experience in building a business. He started a business from a young age, namely when he was still in the 6th semester of college. During his university years, he participated in several Entrepreneurship Student Programs. Had failed, but he learned from his mistakes until he finally passed to get funding. For him, plunging as an entrepreneur is not easy, it requires persistence and persistence. He said that while you were young, you should expand your network of friends and relationships as much as relationships are very valuable intangible assets. Even the business he is in now has grown from the old relationships he has built.

In entering the world of entrepreneurship, there are a number of tips that need attention. The first tip is to prepare mentally and character. An entrepreneur must be resourceful, action oriented and persistent (persistent and diligent). Business is not an instant thing, every process must be passed. If one method does not work, thus we try the second method and so on until it works. For him, everyone has their own success zone and no one knows when it is. The more often we fail, the closer we are to the time zone we want to achieve so that someone must think positive if they get a failure and the failure must be used as evaluation material.