Collaboration Between FEB’s Community Service Partners

One of the pillars in Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi is community service. FEB UNSOED has various community service partners surround Central Java. One of the FEB UNSOED partner is Cihonje Village, located in Gumelar District, Banyumas Regency. Cihonje village has many residents who work as migrant workers and former migrant workers. During this time, migrant workers have been become backbone of Cihonje village economy.

The other FEB partner is Bank Sampah Srayan Makarya, located in Bobosan, Purwokerto. This garbage bank is a form of social enterprise, which is a business developed to solve problems in society. The problem that the Srayan Makarya wants to manage is the environmental problem, waste.

Last week, facilitated by the FEB UNSOED Community Service Team, several representatives from Cihonje Village, Banyumas, took a field trip to Srayan Makarya. This field trip aims to enrich the knowledge of Cihonje Village community regarding the management of the waste bank. The management of this garbage bank, in addition to solving environmental problems, garbage bank also has economic added value for the community. In Srayan Makarya, people who carry their garbage can be converted with savings in cash or gold. Collaboration between the two partners is a good step that must continue to be developed. Synergy among parties is absolutely necessary if we want to maximize community empowerment results.