Comparative Study of Sunyalangu Village

The KMFEB Unsoed Village Partner Team held a Comparative Study of Sunyalangu Village in Serang Tourism on Saturday, October 23, 2021, with the theme of the activity, namely “Strategies for Empowerment and Development of Tourism Village Potentials Through Comparative Studies.” Representatives of the campus attended this Comparative Study event, representatives of PHP2D, Pokdarwis Bukit Pule, and Bukit Gado, Head of Sunyalangu Village, representatives of Karang Taruna Head Serang Village, and representatives of Pokdarwis Serang. This activity was carried out directly at Serang Tourism while maintaining health protocols.

In this activity, there are several series of events such as Tour D’las and sharing sessions. In the sharing session, the resource persons explained the tips used by Pokdarwis in conducting good tourism management. The participants who attended were very enthusiastic about the material presented by the resource persons, as evidenced by the many questions that arose during the question and answer session. After completion, the event was closed by giving souvenirs in the form of placards and group photos. (by: Eli Rismawati)

Picture 1. Sharing session with Pokdarwis Serang Purbalingga)
Picture 2. Remembrance from the Head of Mitdes