Economic Development Following the APSEPI Annual Agenda

The Economic Development Study Program of FEB Unsoed has participated in the 2021 APSEPI Conference and Congress which was held in Malang, East Java. The event, which will be held from 4-5 November 2021, will be held offline and online. For the Economic Development Study Program, FEB Unsoed, join this event online through the Zoom Meeting media provided by the committee.

Brawijaya University and Malang State University this year are the organizers of the VI year APSEPI Meeting. The APSEPI VI Conference and Congress this time was attended by approximately 70 participants from various regions in Indonesia. The number of participants is also adjusted to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, so as not to cause crowds.

The Alliance for Management of the Indonesian Development Economics Study Program (APSEPI) seeks to encourage the strengthening of the quality of economic education in the midst of the era of technological disruption as it is currently happening. Challenges in the learning era using online methods such as what is happening in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are indeed a number of obstacles that become challenges in themselves. However, on the other hand, the dissemination of knowledge is getting bigger. This is driven by the existence of a digital platform that can be accessed by the public, wherever they are.

It is expected to be able to improve the quality of learning, especially in all Faculty of Economics in Indonesia. So far, APSEPI members who are economists have also contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly in the form of thoughts, and a number of Community Service Programs. It is hoped that APSEPI can provide input to economic development in Indonesia.