Enthusiasm for an Online Training on Book Reference Writing

An Online Training on Book Reference Writing organized by the Management Laboratory of FEB UNSOED on Friday, August 14 2020. The event started at 13.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB through Zoom meeting and YouTube live streaming. This webinar aims to (1) provide participants with the procedures for writing Reference Books, (2) Motivate participants to be able to publish Reference Books, (3) Provide an overview of the criteria for books that can be accepted by publishers.

The event was moderated by Dr. Nur Choirul Afif, SE., M.Si. and started with a speech from the Secretary of the Department of Management, FEB UNSOED, Dr. E Siti Zulaikha, SE., M.Si. It was followed by the presentation of the speakers in a panel starting from the first speaker, namely Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, SE., MM, who is also the Dean of FEB UNSOED and the next is Mr. Joko Mumpuni who is the Director of Publishing from Andi Publishing. The registrants for this event were up to more than 1000 participants who were watching through Zoom meeting and YouTube Streaming. Participants were dominated by lecturers both public and private from various regions in Indonesia. Besides that, there were also students and the general public.

Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, SE., MM delivered material related to reference book writing techniques, he explained in detail why we need to write books, namely: 1) Promote yourself/Study Program/Faculty/University, 2) Obtain additional income, 3) Accelerate career paths, 4 ) Obtain invaluable satisfaction with the value of the rupiah, 5) Improve the network, 6) Not sensitive to the problem of campus fees, 7) Leave a legacy for future generations. The second speaker, Mr. Joko Mumpuni, explained his material related to the book publishing ecosystem, the process of manuscripts into books, what the author obtained after the book was published, which of course motivated participants to be able to write and publish books. Further information regarding the material will be attached below.

Apart from the material presentation, discussion and question and answer sessions were also held. In this session, the participants were very enthusiastic in asking questions to find out more about the material presented.