Entrepreneurship Webinar

On June 26, 2021, a webinar was held with the title “You are only young once, when will you become a young entrepreneur again?” organized by IESP students and collaborate with the Lab. Entrepreneurship. The event, which around 100 people attended, started at 09.00 through a zoom meeting. Trisna Maulida Diyanti hosted this event as MC. The event began with the MC reading the rules and singing the anthem Indonesia Raya. Then it was followed by remarks by Akbar Ilham Adi Pangestu and remarks by Herman Sambodo as Lecturer in Entrepreneurship Course.

In this webinar, Yessika Puspita Dewi was the moderator, and Kundiharto was the resource person. Kundiharto, Chairman of Hipmi BPC Banyumas, is the founder of Measure and Test (Distributor of Measurement and Test Tools) and Owner & CEO of Clickoding (Software Development). He has an interest in Management and IT. At the beginning of the presentation, he said that young age is an opportunity for us to focus on the business world. He also said that to become entrepreneurs, we must concentrate and actively ask people who have entered the business world. Many people already know the business theory, but it is still rare for people to execute the idea. Action is essential in the business world because vision without action is useless.

He emphasized that he had a lot of time to focus on his business as a young man. Before we get bogged down with other matters, we can focus on our efforts. “If it doesn’t start now, then when?” He also explained that every business has risks. This event was followed by a question and answer session. Participants were very enthusiastic in this session which carried out directly on zoom and through the slide application. (by: Alfa-IESP)

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