FEB UNSOED Lecturer Becomes Research Fellow at Harvard University

One of the lecturers of FEB UNSOED, Novita Puspasari, SE., Ak., M.Sc., was selected as a research fellow at the Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University, United States. He and 12 other research fellows from various countries will participate in a research project entitled “Alternative Data Futures: Cooperative Principles, Data Trusts, and the Digital Economy”.

Novita Puspasari, SE., Ak., M.Sc told that the beginning of getting this opportunity started with the recommendation of a professor in the US. Then, the project coordinator at Harvard University sent an email containing the program offer and a link to register for the program. Then Novita filled out the form and submitted it, and two weeks later she was invited to an interview with a project manager at Harvard. The program is planned to last for 3-4 months starting in October 2021.

These twelve Research Fellows from around the world come from different backgrounds: Law, public policy, sociology, and economics. Therefore, for the same perception, during the first month, lectures from Harvard professors and several other campuses in the world were given. Then in the second month, until the third month, groups began to be divided, and experimental research projects were started. While in the last month will present the results of the project.

Novita Puspasari, SE., Ak., M.Sc, who has long been a driving force in the field of cooperatives, hopes that with the implementation of data cooperatives, cooperative members can find out what our data is used for. “I will create a data cooperative management on a large scale,” he said. Furthermore, he hopes for networking, and opening up networks with colleagues at Harvard and also other campuses in the world.