IESP’s Student Final Thesis Socialization

On Friday, July 9, 2021, Himesbang FEB Unsoed together with the IESP Department held a Final Project Socialization for 2018 and Final Year students. The event was held online through the Zoom Meeting application and live streaming via Youtube Himesbang FEB Unsoed. The event was attended by several speakers including Istiqomah, S.E, M.Sc, Ph.D as the Head of the IESP Department, Dr. Lilis Siti Badriah, S.E, M.Si as Secretary of the IESP Department, Dr. Agus Arifin, S.E, M.Sc as Coordinator of IESP Undergraduate Study Program, Drs. Herman Sambodo, M.P as Chair of the Final Study Commission and finally Ratna Setyawati Gunawan, S.E, M.Si as Secretary of the Final Study Commission and guided by host Yessika Puspita Dewi from the Advocacy staff of Himesbang FEB Unsoed.

The first method was opened by the presenter, followed by the presentation of material regarding the requirements for submitting a thesis title and outline to procedures regarding mentoring, registration for proposal seminars, thesis exams, registration exams and the implementation of graduation by Dr. Lilis Siti Badriah, S.E, M.Si as Secretary of the IESP Department. After the presentation of the material was completed, it was continued with the second session, namely a discussion between student friends and all resource persons, both from the department and from the Final Study Commission. One of the students, Nida Putri Awalia, with NIM C1A018017 who joined the series of socialization events from beginning to end, revealed that this Final Project Socialization event was very useful and informative.

“The existence of a Final Project Socialization Forum facilitated by Himesbang with speakers from Mrs. and Mr. Lecturers from the Department and the Final Project Commission is very useful and informative, especially for friends who are entering the preparation phase for this series of final assignments. The material was conveyed clearly and the question and answer session provided quite a lot of enlightenment and clarity, even for questions that had not yet occurred to him because there was a lot of information that was just discovered through this forum. Hopefully on another occasion (next year) this forum can still be held for the sake of smoothness and direction for final semester IESP students in doing their final assignments. Thank you Mr. Mrs. IESP Lecturer, thank you Himesbang!” he said. This Final Project Socialization event was very enthusiastically welcomed by final year students, so the Zoom Meeting with a quota of 100 participants can be filled entirely by students who want to know information about the final project, then for students who cannot join the Zoom Meeting Himesbang has facilitated live streaming via Youtube Himesbang to be accessed during the event or at any time.