Inauguration of BEM, DLM, Hima and UKM for the 2021 Period

Tuesday (16/2) the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University held joint inauguration and handover activities for the 2021 period of BEM, DLM, Hima and UKM in the field in front of Building C FEB Unsoed. The inauguration was attended by the Dean and Deputy Deans, Coordinators and sub-coordinators of FEB.

President of BEM FEB Unsoed was elected in 2021 Putra Galih Rahmawan (Student of the Department of Economics, Handling Studies, batch 2018) in his speech said that “regeneration took place when the old BEM Chair left his position and the new BEM Chair pioneered the organizational journey, the problems and challenges of the old management became lessons for us able to adapt to this Covid -19 pandemic, organizational wheels must continue, organizational benefits must be provided and organizational knowledge must be conveyed to jointly realize the ideals of FEB and make FEB Unsoed proud in both the University and National arena “. At the end of his speech, Putra advised, Do not be proud to be a great person, do not be proud to be an important person, be a patriot of students without merit who are willing to sacrifice without any rewards and interests, only one goal, namely benefit.

Furthermore, the Dean of FEB, Prof. Dr. Suliyanto in his remarks, “the atmosphere of the 2020 BEM management is different from 2021, where at the time of the 2020 management inauguration, he was very optimistic, but in March there was a pandemic disaster, so in carrying out the work program there was stuttering. For the management of 2021 the conditions are like this, so that the work program must be adjusted, carried out online and implementing health protocols. The program for MBKM Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka is welcome on advocacy issues for the board to consult with the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, he continued. Not to forget that the Dean also expressed his gratitude for last year’s BEM management and congratulated the new management for being able to carry out the next mandate. The event culminated in the Chanting of the Oath which was continued with the handover process from the old management to the Chairman of the new BEM period. Forward Never back down, Never give up.