international business

Currently D3 International Business Study Program is based on the assessment of BAN-PT DEPDIKNAS RI No. 1996 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / Dipl-III / IX / 2016 in the 2016 assessment was rated “A” which is valid until 21 September 2021.

Vision of the D3 International Business Study Program:

In 2034, it will become a program recognized worldwide in terms of quality of education, implementation process, and ability to create graduates with business application competencies and foreign languages ​​who can empower regional potential.

Mission of the D3 International Business Study Program:

  1. Organizing and developing continuing education with international standards to create graduates who are moral, have good academic dedication, have a competitive advantage, and have professional business application skills.
  2. Organizing and developing sustainable scientific studies for the development of science in the fields of economics and business and disseminating the results to the public.
  3. Carrying out community service activities that are in line with economic and business development and disseminating the results to the public.


List of courses in the International Business Study Program-D3 UNSOED:

  1. Introduction to Economics
  2. Mathematics
  3. English I
  4. Intro. Accounting I
  5. Introduction To Computer I
  6. Principles of Management
  7. State Ideology
  8. Religion
  9. Civics
  10. UNSOED Identity
  11. Intro. Accounting II
  12. Statistics
  13. Cross Cultural Management
  14. English II
  15. Principles of Marketing
  16. Introduction To Computer II
  17. Business Law
  18. Business Communication
  19. Human Resouces Management
  20. Management Information System
  21. Taxation
  22. English III
  23. Financial Management
  24. Cost Accounting
  25. Entrepreneurship
  26. Business Programming
  27. Japanese I
  28. Chinese I
  29. Auditing
  30. Financial Accounting
  31. Comp. Application in Business
  32. English V
  33. Management Accounting
  34. Japanese III
  35. Chinese III
  36. Marketing Communication
  37. Consumer Behaviour
  38. Retail Business
  39. Internship
  40. Comprehensive Exam

List of Lecturers International Business Study Program-D3:

Drs. Agung Praptapa MBA. Ak., CA.

Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah B.Acc. M.Sc. Ph.D.

Drs. Hary Pudjianto MM.

Dr. Adi Indrayanto SE. M.Si.

Dr. Negina Kencono Putri SE. M.Si. Ak., CA.

Dr. Eliada Herwiyanti SE. MSi. Ak., CA.

Dr. Waidi, MBA

Dr. Ade Banani, MMS

Drs. Hary Pudjianto, MM

Dr. Poppy Dian Indira K., SE, M.Si, Ak

Drs. Taufik Hidayat, M.Si, Ak

Dr. Hijroh Rokhayati, SE, M.Si

Dr. Idha Sihwaningrum, M.Sc

Novita Puspasari, SE, M.Sc, Ak, CA

Aldila Dinanti, SE, M.Si

Monica Rosiana, SE, M.Si

Warsidi, SE, M.Si, Ak

Meutia Karunia Dewi, SE, M.Si

Alisa Tri Nawarini, SE, MBA

Heri Widodo, SS, MA

Rosdiana Puspitasari, SS, MA

Dr. Wahyudin, S.Ag, M.Si

Dr. Weni Novandari, SE, MM

Indriyati Hardiningrum, SS, M.Pd

Drs. Muhammad Taufik, M.Hum

Drs. Jaryono, MSIE

Dr. Eko Haryanto, M.Si, CA, CPA

Graduates of the International Business DIII Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Unsoed have several advantages, including:

  1. Foreign language skills in English, Japanese or Mandarin.
  2. Ability to become work-ready graduates with skills and dexterity in the field of international business, especially those related to export and import procedures.
  3. Ability to present international business concepts and practice international business concepts.
  4. The ability to carry out operational tasks in the field of international business such as the ability to operate computers with word, excel, access and search data via the internet.
  5. Ability to apply international business science and solve company problems.


Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED Prof. Dr. H.R. Boenyamin Street No.708 Grendeng Purwokerto, Central Java INDONESIA 53122

Telephone Number : (0281) 637970, 639643

Facsimile Number : (0281) 640268