Introducing Sunyalangu, a Financial Inclusion Village Assisted by FEB UNSOED

The Holistic Program for Village Development and Empowerment (PHP2D) EFEC FEB UNSOED together with FEB UNSOED Village Partners with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Purwokerto, the Financial Services Industry Coordination Forum (FKIJK) Purwokerto, and the Regional Financial Access Acceleration Team (TPAKD) Banyumas Regency held the Declaration of Inclusive Village in Sunyalangu Village. Previously, Sunyalangu Village has been a fostered village of FEB UNSOED since 2020. The declaration of an Inclusive Village aims to provide easy services and access to the financial industry.

The event was attended by the people of Sunyalangu village. Residents are very enthusiastic about the synergy of the UNSOED academic community with OJK Purwokerto together in the Declaration of Inclusive Villages. The declaration of Inclusive Villages also aims to reduce the gap in financial access between cities and villages. With the synergy of various parties, the potential of the village will be able to have a positive impact on the village economy and the welfare of the villagers.

The Head of Sunyalangu Village, Tolchah Mansur hopes that with this declaration, people’s literacy will increase so that they no longer look at plecit bank loans. “We hope that villagers who want to make loans directly to government banks with interest will not disturb the community.” said Riwin Mirhadi, chairman of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Purwokerto.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of FKIJK Purwokerto, Edi Hargiyanto, warmly welcomed the program with a good response. It also provides education and socialization about the products and services of the banking and non-bank financial industry as well as the capital market. Edi hopes that the program can improve inclusion and financial literacy of the Sunyalangu Village community. Sunyalangu Village is a pilot project of the Inclusion Village Declaration. When this program goes well, Sunyalangu will become a pioneer of Inclusive Villages and this program can be implemented in other villages that are able to stimulate the economy and improve village welfare. The potential of Sunyalangu Village which includes agro-tourism, agricultural products and plantations in the form of coffee can develop better with the presence of the Inclusion village declaration program.