Cooperative and SME’s Laboratory/Cooperative Innovation Hub (CIH) FEB UNSOED in collaboration with New School University, New York and Mondragon University, Spain, held a cooperative short course with the theme “Platform Cooperatives Now”. This short course was held to introduce, incubate and accelerate cooperative platforms around the world. Virtual classroom learning is carried out intensively from 30 June to 1 August 2020 through the Zoom meeting media. After that, a project creation and idea pitching session was held until 9 September 2020. This short course was attended by 425 students from various countries.

The head of CIH FEB UNSOED, Novita Puspasari, revealed the great interest of the participants to join this short course. Therefore, this short course will be opened in the second batch which is planned for October 2020. The entire curriculum of this short course was prepared by prof. Trebor Scholz from The New School University, New York and Dr. Jose Mari Luzzaraga from Mondragon University Spain. CIH FEB UNSOED as a local partner is tasked with incubating and accelerating the cooperative platforms that have emerged in Indonesia as the output of this activity. In the closing session of the short course, Prof. Trebor Scholz and Dr. Jose Mari Luzzaraga especially thanked the local partners who made this short course even more massive with the diversity of participants from various countries. The amount of interest in this new model of cooperative movement increases optimism that cooperatives can still survive in the current era.