Magister of Science in Accounting Held a Workshop on Systematic Literature Review

On Saturday-Sunday, 23-24 October 2021, Magister of Science in Accounting (MSA) FEB UNSOED held a “Systematic Literature Review (SLR)” Workshop. This event is part of a series of enrichment programs for MSA students. The facilitator at this event was Indri Dwi Apriliyanti, S. IP, MBA, Ph.D, lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University (FISIP UGM) and moderated by FEB UNSOED lecturer, Novita Puspasari, M.Sc, Ak. This workshop was followed by a seminar of 100 participants from internal and external FEB UNSOED. In the opening, the Head of the MSA Study Program, Dr. Poppy Dian Indira Kusuma, M.Si, Ak, CA, explained about the current high demand for articles with the SLR approach, so that MSA is interested in making SLR workshops.

On the first day, the facilitator discussed the concepts and fundamentals of research using the SLR approach. SLR is a research approach that synthesizes the results of previous studies. The purpose of the SLR is to provide a quick and in-depth review of a particular research topic. The first day closed with the facilitator’s explanation regarding the SLR research protocol. On the second day, the facilitator invited the workshop participants to discuss in more depth how to write articles using the SLR approach. The facilitator provides examples from how to write a background to writing findings and discussions in SLR articles.

The event which lasted for two days was enthusiastically followed by the workshop participants. This is evident from the large number of participants who took part in the event on the first and second days. In addition, during the discussion sessions, there were always many interesting questions from the participants.