Marketing Strategy in Startup Company

A Webinar with the theme Marketing Strategy in Startup Company organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business (Laboratory of Cooperatives and SMEs/Cooperation Innovative Hub FEB Unsoed) on Monday, May 31, 2021. This event starts at 09.00 WIB via Zoom Cloud Meetings. Many participants from various circles were enthusiastic when registering for this event. There were 140 participants in this webinar, dominated by FEB UNSOED students, and participants from outside FEB UNSOED. This event was also attended by Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, SE., MM as the Dean of FEB Unsoed and Novita Puspasari, Ak., M.Sc. CA as the Head of the Cooperative Laboratory and UKM/Cooperation Innovative Hub FEB Unsoed.

The speakers for this webinar are Aditya Pratama Nugraha, S.I.Kom, M.Sc (Chief Executive Officer/CEO @infopurwokerto and Chief Marketing Officer Omah Tukang) and Aef Nandi Setiawan, S.Si (Founder of Simple Marketing). Aditya Pratama Nugraha delivered material on marketing strategies during a pandemic, especially using digital advertising because he is also involved in digital advertising through the @infopurwokerto account on various platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, FB Fanpage, Twitter and also TikTok. He also explained about the current and future trends in advertising. As Chief Marketing Officer of Omah Tukang, Aditya explained the marketing strategy and what Omah Tukang did to get customers.

The second speaker was Aef Nandi Setiawan, CEO of Simple marketing. Aef explained what a Startup is. During this time, many people always associate Startup with applications and today’s technology that are practical and simplify our daily lives. However, Aef straightens out the notion of a startup, which in general is a business designed to grow rapidly. Aef also explained how to make our products in accordance with market desires and profitable or give us profits. Not to forget Aef also explained about marketing strategies that can also use digital advertising as described by Aditya. After the presentation session by the resource persons, a question and answer session was held by the participants to the two resource persons. There were quite a number of questions from the participants for Aditya and Aef regarding Startups and marketing strategies, but only 6 questions were chosen by the committee to be answered by the two resource persons. At the end of the event, the door prize winners were announced for the four webinar participants.