As of April 1, 2021, the Master of Management (MM) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNSOED officially obtained ABEST21 international accreditation. This international accreditation will be valid for five years. The announcement of the results of this accreditation was made at the 2021 International General Assembly on March 23, 2021. From the results of the accreditation it was explained that: “MM FEB UNSOED activities generally meet accreditation standards. Kaizen Plan MM FEB UNSOED is good and the prospects for improving education and research are very promising ”.

The ABEST21 international accreditation process takes about three years. In the first year, the FEB UNSOED team prepared several documents related to Eligibility, in the second year it was completed with a document in the form of Quality Improvement Strategy (QIS), and in the third year it was completed with a document in the form of a Self-Check Report (SCR). After the three processes were completed, the ABEST21 assessor conducted an online visitation.

The online visitation was held on 7-8 September 2020. This visitation was carried out following the completion of the Self-Check Report form by FEB UNSOED. The ABEST21 accreditation standard covers six areas: (1) Internal Quality Assurance, (2) Mission Statement, (3) Educational Program, (4) Students, (5) Faculty, and (6) Educational Infrastructure. Each area consists of several standards, and within these standards, there are criteria that describe the standards in detail for self-check purposes.