Public Lecture: “Management Control and Financial Result Control”

The Accounting Department held a public lecture with the topic “MANAGEMENT CONTROL AND FINANCIAL RESULT CONTROL” on Friday, November 19, 2021. The speaker for this event was Maryani., MAK., CA as Finance Business Partner – Schneider Electric, Cikarang. She is also an alumni of the FEB Accounting Department. This event was guided by the moderator, Mr. Dr. Bambang Setyobudi Irianto, MSi., Ak., CA. This public lecture was attended by more than 150 students and lecturers of Accounting Study Program FEB UNSOED. The event was opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Yudha Aryo Soedibyo, SE., M.Sc., Ph. D., Ak., CA., ACPA.

The speaker discussed management control and financial control at the Schneider Electric company. Furthermore, the speaker explained the relationship between planning, strategy and control as well as analysis of performance results. The speaker also gave an overview of the practice of using the balanced score card as a performance measurement at the Schneider Electric company. With this public lecture, students of the Accounting Study Program will gain useful knowledge about the latest practices in the application of management accounting in a company.