Release of Interns at Scouting Academy’s Talent Internship Program

Faculty of Economics & Business UNSOED released 64 MBKM Internships from both undergraduate and graduate levels related to the Release of Internship Projects in the Village of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Talent Scouting Academy Internship Program at Roedhiro Building 3rd Floor, Wednesday (16/11). Also present the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, the Heads of Study Program, the Secretary of the Department, and MBKM Students at the FEB UNSOED Campus.

In his speech, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, Istiqomah, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. said that the MBKM Internship Program is an excellent program because students will learn a lot out of the box / through other perspectives. And she also advised to MBKM students to enjoy the process, both Up and Down, and always be grateful for the knowledge gained so that later they will get certification for future career.

Picture 1. Speech from the Vice Dean III for Student Affairs and Alumni
Figure 2. Speech from the MBKM Committee

Ascaryan Rafinda, Ph.D. as the Representative of the MBKM Committee for the Talent Scouting Academy Internship Program, said that related to the Village Project Program, the Concept of Students learning with the Community, in this case, the contextualization of learning not only in companies but in communities that students have to face.

Then the event continued with the Release of MBKM Students to the Village with the Symbolic Use of the Alma mater, which all MBKM Student Participants attended. While the Village Partners in the internship placement include Kober (Purwokerto), Tamansari (Karanglewas), Glempang (Pekuncen), Papringan (Kaliwangi), Pekunden, Tambaknegara (Rawalo), Wastralingga and Pringmas. (Written by Vindra)