Retirement Ceremony of FEB UNSOED Lecturers and Education Personnel

On Tuesday, February, 2021, an event of Retirement Ceremony of Lecturers and Education Personnel organized by Faculty of Economics and Business has been conducted. The event starts at 09.00 WIB up to 10.45 WIB via Zoom, broadcast live through the Laboratory studio Creative Multimedia. This event was hosted by Mrs. Tjandrakasih Julia Lestari S.E. The event was started and opened by Prof. Dr. Suliyanto. S.E., M.Si. as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University. This event was also attended by Dr. Wahyudin S.Ag., M.Si, as a representative of fellow teaching staff, praying together and delivering tausiah, and Dr. Haryadi, M.Sc as the remarks from the retired representative, Drs. Sukirman,, Ak, Drs. Sri Nugroho PR, MA, Drs. Eling Purwanto Jati, M.Si, Drs. Syaiful Azhar, M.Si, Ak, Drs. Arifin Mukti, Dra. Emmy Saraswati, MS, Drs. Sujono, S.Sos, Triyono, S.Sos, Sri Lestari Tutiningsih and Makmur as educators and educational staff who will carry out full-time duties to briefly convey messages and impressions.

The event begins with a speech from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. In his remarks Prof. Dr. Suliyanto. S.E., M.Si. said that originally this event was planned to be held offline while waiting for the pandemic situation to get better, but because the pandemic situation has not improved and there are more educators who have entered their full age, the implementation of activities is switched to through online media, along with prayers, hope and thanks to Mr. or Madam, who are educators who have entered their retirement period. Then, followed by a video playing in memory of the late Mr. Drs. I Wayan Mustika, M.Si, Ak, and pray together for the deceased led by Dr. Wahyudin S.Ag. followed by remarks by Mr. Dr. Haryadi, M.Sc, in his speech, said about the difficulties during the pandemic for an educator.

At the ceremony for the handing over of souvenirs and cutting the tumpeng as a symbol, it was handed over by the Dean and accepted by the current retired representative, namely Dr. Haryadi, M.Sc. then the event was continued with a video display of greetings from representatives of the department, education staff and student representatives addressed to retired employees. Furthermore, the event is filled with the greetings of educators and education staff who are entering their retirement period, with a duration of 2 to 4 minutes for each speaker. Before moving on to the next program, namely Tausiah and prayer together which will be led again by Mr. Dr. Wahyudin S.Ag, the event was continued for a moment with a video screening of the memories of the retirees. Entering the last session at the end of the event the MC invited a group photo session which was then followed by a closing by the MC.