Scholarship Award from Alumni FE Batch 86 for FEB Unsoed Students

Social activities as a form of concern for the Alumni of FE class 86, on Saturday (11/9) at the Rhoediro Building hall, FEB, the Scholarship Awarding activity from the Alumni of FE 86, is a matter of great pride and great appreciation to the alumni in this activity. this is especially alumni FE Class 86.

In his speech, the Coordinator of Alumni Force 86, Dr. Taufiq Zulfikar said that “the mission of providing assistance is very simple, namely to provide assistance to FEB students who need it so that they can continue their studies not to drop out in the middle of the road, and can complete their studies, hopefully this activity can continue to be carried out as a form of alumni’s contribution to the alma mater”. In this activity the funds collected amounted to Rp. 52,500,000,- which was given in the form of scholarships to 15 FEB students in need, in addition to providing 3 note books for majors in FEB Unsoed.

The provision of this assistance is very useful and helps relieve students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the Dean said, “Haru and happy and proud of the implementation of this activity, and don’t forget to say thank you for the concern of the alumni, especially the alumni of FE class 86, and may Allah SWT will replace the practice of the alumni with a bigger one”. To ensure that the scholarship recipients are the right ones, the faculty involves and receives input from the majors to determine the students, he continued. Present in this activity were representatives of Alumni FE Batch 86, Deans, Vice Dean for General and Finance, heads of departments, coordinators, sub-coordinators, Head of BEM and representatives of UKM, Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University.