Seminar and Workshop of PKM FEB 2021

On Saturday and Sunday, August 14-15 2021, the PKM Center in collaboration with BEM FEB UNSOED held a Seminar and Workshop for the Student Creativity Program (PKM). The event was opened by remarks from the President of BEM FEB UNSOED, Putra Galih Rahmawan. Then followed by remarks from the Chairman of PKM FEB UNSOED, Dr. Eliada Herwiyanti, M. Si, Ak, CA. In his speech, Dr. Eliada conveyed about the data related to PKM FEB from year to year and the various benefits that students will get if they join this program. She hoped that this year there will be more PKM proposals that can be uploaded from FEB and qualify for the National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) level. The last speech as well as the opening was made by the Dean of FEB UNSOED, Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, M.Sc, Ph. D. In his speech, Prof. Wiwiek gave his motivation to FEB students to take part in PKM and bring the name of the Faculty to the PIMNAS event.

This event was attended by around 344 participants, which were dominated by FEB 2021 new student participants. In the first session, Dr. Rio Dhani Laksana, M.Sc, CFP explained about PKM-R (research), PKM-AI (Scientific Articles) and PKM GT (Written Ideas). In the second session, Dr. Wita Ramadhanti, Ak, MSA explained about PKM-K (Entrepreneurship), and PKM-KC (Karsa Cipta). In the session the next day, Dr. Wita also explained about PKM-PM (Community Service), also explained about who can become partners in PKM-PM. In the final session, Meutia Karunia Dewi, M. Si, explained about PKM-PI (Implementation of Science and Technology) and PKM-GFK (Constructive Futuristic Ideas).

The method was carried out interactively because many students were enthusiastic about asking questions to the speakers. The output of this event is that FEB students will be prepared to participate in the University PKM Olympiad or submit PKM proposals outside the PKM Olympiad. The workshop was closed with the distribution of door prizes for the lucky participants.