Sharing Session about Student Counseling

Faculty of Economics & Business Unsoed held a Counseling Guidance Sharing Session for Students by presenting resource person Dr. Zaroh Irayani, S.Si., M.Si (Lecturer of FMIPA Unsoed) which is located in the Lab Building 5th Floor, Wednesday (16/11). Also present was the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs & Alumni FEB Unsoed, the Secretary and Lecturers in the FEB Unsoed Campus.

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs & Alumni, Istiqomah Alumni Istiqomah, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. in her speech, said that the Sharing Session of Student Counseling Guidance aims to help students develop self-awareness of their abilities and potential so that students can develop the ability to learn better. And hopes that FEB Unsoed Educators, through this event, can learn from the BK Team of FMIPA in dealing with problems that exist in students.

Dr. Zaroh Irayani, S.Si., M.Si, in his presentation, conveyed related to BK in his faculty which has various program activities such as capacity building (Competency Upgrade and Comparative Study), conducting counseling both actively and passively, socializing with multiple programs and services through webinars and talk shows. (Written by Vindra)

Figure 1. Speech of the Vice Dean 3
Figure 2. Dr. Zaroh Irayani, S.Si., M.Si as speaker