Sharing Session with Lecture and Alumni, “Love Your Choice, Your Choice is Your Future”

This event was held by the Laboratory of Alumni Center and Career Development of FEB, Unsoed on Saturday, November 14, 2020. Its especially for 1st-semester students who have just experienced the transition phase from school to campus life, which is undoubtedly very different.

The event was moderated directly by Dwita Darmawati SE., M.Si. as Chairman of the Career Development Laboratory and Alumni Center of FEB Unsoed, and started with remarks from the committee chairman by Monica Rosiana SE. M.Si. The head of the committee said that there may still be new students who are not wholeheartedly going to college. This is due to various reasons ranging from parents’ desire to study specific majors to looking for a university close to home, because there is no other choice but that major, and many more. If this is allowed, it can certainly hinder their learning process. Deputy Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, FEB Unsoed, Drs. Rakhmat Priyono, M.E., in his remarks, also said that the changes experienced by these new students were a necessity. Who can adapt to change will survive to survive. Like the Covid-19 pandemic, you must stay if you want to be a winner in change. Of course, it is not easy to adapt, especially to enter college, you are faced with learning online. Therefore, this event was held to provide insights and things that need to be prepared as new students in pursuing a career to take full advantage of the current lecture period.

There were two presenters at the Sharing Session this time. The first was Dr. Ratno Purnomo, M.Si, an expert in Human Resource Management and the Head of the Management Department of FEB Unsoed. Then the second speaker was Rahmad SE, an Unsoed alumnus who is now working at Astra International.

Before the material started, a short poll was held to the participants about why they chose to study in their current department. Most of the answers are because of their own desires. The second is because of their parents’ wishes, the third and fourth, namely because they have no other choice and forced to do something. These short poll results prove that there are still students who are not wholeheartedly in their current studies. Then for the second question about the participants’ expectations after participating in this event, the answers varied. Some hope that they can be more confident in their choices, better understand the options made, be more accepting of the choices, have more future views, be more open-minded, and many more.

Dr. Ratno Purnomo, M.Si said that there are many reasons behind students studying in specific majors, but what should students actually do after making their choice? In the material The Future Is Now, he said that his current condition resulted from his past options. After determining the chosen major, students will also be faced with other decisions during colleges, such as choosing to become an active or mediocre student, joining an organization or not, and many more. Organizing during college makes us learn many things such as learning to lead, controlling emotions, receiving criticism and suggestions, learning to work together, which we don’t necessarily get in class.

He also said that whatever is our choice, we should become experts in that field. The challenges of society 5.0 and industry 4.0 civilization have demanded that we improve capabilities that robots do not have, such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, working with others, emotional intelligence, and many more. To build these abilities, we have to focus on it. Otherwise, our focus will be challenging to become experts in the field we choose. There are many cross-disciplinary jobs. If we are not experts, we will undoubtedly lose to others. The facts prove that many undergraduate graduates find it challenging to find work in large companies because of a lack of theoretical understanding. Especially now that it is entirely online, new students face working harder to capture the knowledge and understand the experience they get themselves. In pursuing a career, students need to determine the Goal Setting in advance to have direction. Passion can be built by mastering knowledge in the chosen field, determining orientation, and building self-competence. This is certainly a means for us to achieve success.

The second speaker also said that these new students need to strive to be more successful, starting with loving their choices. If someone has loved his will, then any problem can be faced. He said there are five success phases: the school phase, the adaptation/transition phase (from student to student), the self-development phase, the quality personal phase, and the individual success phase.

In the transition phase, new students must love and be serious about the chosen major, then begin to determine their next goal. The goals should be made clear to make it easier for them to evaluate themselves. These goals can be specified, such as the target number of years passed, the target GPA, the target for personal development achieved during college, and others. Entering the self-development phase, students need to design a quality personality such as having academic achievement, good English language skills, being active in organizations, having good public speaking, and digital skills.

One of the things to keep in mind is that there are many people out there who want to study in our chosen subject, but they don’t get that opportunity. So, we as lucky person who have this opportunity must make the best of it.

Good luck for your study…