Startup Summer Camp Batch 1

On Sunday, August 8, 2021, the Cooperative & SMEs Innovation Hub (CIH) and the FEB UNSOED Entrepreneurship Lab held a Startup Summer Camp Batch 1 event. This event took place from 08.00 am to 16.00 pm. Startup Summer Camp aims to introduce startup business models to FEB students and introduce the use of various tools to build and develop ideas in startup businesses. The event was opened by remarks from the Head of CIH Lab, Novita Puspasari, M.Sc, CA. The event was then continued with remarks from the Dean of FEB UNSOED, Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, M.Sc, Ph.D at the same time opened the event.

The first facilitator at this event was Aditya Pratama Nugraha, M.Sc, as CEO of Info Purwokerto and CMO Omah Tukang. Aditya discussed startup 101 which contains general knowledge that needs to be known before starting a startup. Aditya also underlined that the main reason startups fail is not because of a lack of capital, but because the startup cannot find the right target market.

The second facilitator was Aef Nandi Setiawan who is the CEO of Simple Marketing. Aef explained about Design Thinking. Design Thinking is one method that is widely used by startups to obtain and develop business ideas that suit market needs. There are five stages in design thinking, namely: empathy, ideation, definition, prototype, and testing.

The third facilitator was Yustisia Septri Saputra who is the CEO of Yustisia explained how startups make money and do financial reporting. The fourth facilitator was the CEO of Rewangi, Rafian Ramdhani. Rafian explained about using Invision to do business prototyping. The first stage in making a prototype, according to Rafian, is to understand the consumer, the next step is to do research and create a customer persona, then create a customer architecture, and then make a prototype. The event closed with the conclusion of MC and announcements regarding materials and certificates.