Student Orientation of PPAk FEB UNSOED Batch 26

On Friday, March 5, 2021, the Accounting Profession Program (PPAk) FEB UNSOED held a new student orientation for PPAk batch 26. This event was attended by eleven PPAk new students. The remarks were given by the Head of the Accounting Department, FEB UNSOED, Yudha Aryo Sudibyo, MSi, Ak, CA, PhD. In his remarks, the Head of the Accounting Department appreciated PPAk who saw virtual learning conditions as opportunities, so that they could still get students from various regions in Indonesia.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Prof. Suliyanto, MM., As Dean of FEB UNSOED. This activity is divided into two sessions. Session I was filled with giving outreach and briefing about the learning system at PPAk FEB UNSOED by the PPAk Study Program Coordinator, Dr. Eliada Herwiyanti, MSi, Ak, CA. The second session was filled with motivation and sharing of experiences in the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) certification exam by Ivan Adimulya, SE, Ak, CPA. Ivan is a 2016 PPAk alumni who successfully passed the CPA certification exam and has now obtained a state register as an accountant. Through this activity, PPAk students, especially Batch 26, are expected to be able to follow the learning process at PPAk Unsoed well, and have high motivation to successfully pass the certification test.