Talkshow “Personal Development dan Skincare Education” and Beauty Class Wardah Bright Days

A Talkshow “Personal Development and Skincare Education” and Wardah Bright Days Beauty Class held by the Unsoed FEB Office Laboratory on Friday, 11 September 2020. The event starts at 09.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB through Zoom. This time the talkshow had the theme “Personal Development and Skincare Education”. This event was moderated by Anifah Andri and started with a speech from the Coordinator Wardah Beauty Purwokerto by Layla Suci Naylufar.

In his remarks, the Coordinator Wardah Beauty Purwokerto said that the theme selection in this online talkshow was very suitable because it could educate participants about self-development and provide motivation to develop according to the abilities/potentials/talents of each person.

The first material presented was Personal Development. Personal Development itself is an effort to recognize and develop ourselves according to our potential/abilities. Some of the people still cannot develop themselves properly and effectively, and there are still many who are groping about their potential. For that, we need to know and understand our own potential so that it can be developed effectively. Sometimes the potential that we have can arise from daily habits/activities without us knowing it but can be seen by others. By knowing our potential, we can direct our potential/ability to activities/things that lead to the development of that potential. Basically, self-development arises and develops based on the willingness and desire of the person concerned, but there needs to be an external encouragement to continue to be enthusiastic and motivated to develop himself.