The 57th Dies Natalis of FEB Unsoed

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University celebrated its 57th Anniversary (09/10/2020), this year with the theme “Work in a New Normal” which was held at the 6th floor FEB Integrated Laboratory Auditorium. In order to maintain health protocols, celebrations were followed. limited number of participants, for those not present to join via zoom. Present at this activity were faculty leaders, elders of former FEB Unsoed officials, representatives of educators, representatives of educational staff and student representatives.

In his speech, Prof. Suliyanto, M.M. said that the implementation of the anniversary series for this year was carried out efficiently and online, which did not diminish the meaning of the anniversary celebration, which was a moment to commemorate the struggle of its predecessors in raising FEB Unsoed, besides that Prof. Suli also gave a glimpse of the history of the development and achievements of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University during 2020.

“The theme of Working in New Normal is very relevant to current conditions, even though during a pandemic, educators, education staff, and students continue to carry out their activities, including FEB has conducted 26 national seminars, the number of publications has reached 28 copies, 10 HKI, and books produced by the academic community, which is recorded at 11, and this year research funds have increased. Activities to improve physical development are still being carried out, Building B is renovating according to international standards, in the Laboratory adding the main facilities needed to run smoothly, revitalizing the Rudiro building, between Buildings C and B, plans to create a Cyber ​​Park for students to be able to conduct online searches, “he continued.

Representatives of the FEB elders also delivered messages online Dr. Haryadi, M.Sc. , that 1. Work must be output and outcame oriented, 2. Change the laboratory paradigm not only for practice but also for obtaining certification, 3. Laboratories are included in accreditation which are integrated in one laboratory with another so that they can produce certain products. 5. Increasing international cooperation, 6. Improving S2 and S3 organizations. 7. The formulation of independent learning which is a government program. 8. Briefing young lecturers to produce outputs and outcomes. 9. Integrating research, service, and learning 10. Organizational arrangement in the department. 11. Research and service lecturer groupings are adjusted to the strategic plan and lecturers’ groupings in the laboratory.

The series of 57th anniversary activities included Ziarah (1/10/20), Anjangsana (8/10/20) and Tasyakuran (9/10/20) as well as a competition for making video tiktok and video making competitions with student participants, fields and departments, giving prizes to the winners of the competition at the end of the Tasyakuran event by the Chairperson of the 57th Anniversary Committee of FEB Unsoed Dr. Bambang Setyobudi Irianto, SE., Msi., Ak.CA.