Training on Making Digital Learning Media

There has been a Digital Learning Media Making Training event organized by Unsoed Economic Education Study Program students in collaboration with HMPE FEB Unsoed on Monday, 12 April 2021 and Saturday, 17 April 2021. On the first day, the event starts at 13.00 WIB until 15.37 WIB, the second day of the event begins at 8.45 WIB until 10.42 WIB through a zoom meeting and YouTube live streaming. This webinar aims to increase the knowledge and knowledge of prospective educators and educators on engaging learning media using Microsoft PowerPoint.

On the first day at 13.00 WIB the event was started and guided by the MC, Sisilia Miranda Puspa, one of the Economic Education study program students, FEB Unsoed. The event began with a wisdom singing of the Indonesia Raya song, which more than 300 participants followed. Furthermore, the Chairman of HMPE FEB UNSOED, namely Intan Yuki Rianda, was followed by Cut Misni Mulasiwi, S.Pd, M.Pd as Lecturer for Digital Learning Media Courses, and the last one was remarks while officially opening the event by Drs. Jaryono, M.SIE as the Coordinator of the Economic Education Study Program. The webinar event was moderated by Cut Misni Mulasiwi, S.Pd, M.Pd. Next, enter the main event, namely the presentation of material by the resource person, namely Tekad Budi Wibowo, S.Pd. The registrants for this event are over 300 participants who are listening through Zoom meeting and YouTube Streaming. Participants were dominated by public and private teachers (educators) from various regions in Indonesia. Apart from that, there were also students and the general public.

Budi Wibowo, S.Pd’s determination conveyed material related to how to make an application for android mobile phones that can be used for learning media. The first step is to arrange the material on PowerPoint and make it as attractive as possible to make the application. He explained in detail the step by step of making the PowerPoint, and the webinar participants could practice it themselves. Before the webinar, participants download the software they need and have provided the download link and video tutorial. Also, he sent google drive supporting pictures (assets) that would be used when making powerpoints. He also presented the results of the previously made instructional media applications.

The event on the second day was started by the MC, Sisilia Miranda Puspa, by reading the webinar rules and continued with reading the schedule. The moderator on the second day was still the same as on the first day, namely Cut Misni Mulasiwi, S.Pd, M.Pd, and the speakers were also the same, namely Tekad Budi Wibowo, S.Pd.

The material in the webinar on the second day is converting powerpoints that have been made into HTML5 using iSpring Suite 9. After turning them into HTML5 they are converted into applications using the website 2 apk builder. We will attach further information regarding the material below.

In addition to the material presentation, discussion and question and answer sessions were also held. In this session, the participants were very enthusiastic in asking questions to find out more about the material presented. Also, at the end of the training, the webinar participants conveyed their impressions and messages. (By Adela)

Youtube link on day 1:–24wrI6U

Youtube link for day 2: