Upgrading SINTA and Creating PUBLON for FEB UNSOED Lecturers

On Tuesday, February 16, 2020, the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirman University held an event of Assistance for Renewal of SINTA and Making Publon Account for FEB UNSOED Lecturers. This event was moderated by Ramita Kholifaturohmah, S.Pd, MM. The event was attended by around 81 FEB UNSOED lecturers. The speakers for this event were Ir. Juni Sumarmono, M.Sc, Ph., Secretary of the Institute for Learning Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M) and the SINTA UNSOED verification team.

In the first session, the speaker explained about the renewal of SINTA first. The obstacles faced by most of the lecturers were difficulty logging in because they forgot their username and login, duplicated Google Scolar accounts, and not synchronizing Google Scholar and Scopus accounts with Sinta. After explaining a number of things related to the problem of logging in and synchronizing Sinta’s account with Google Scholar and Scopus, the speaker moved to the second session.

In the second session, Ir. Juni Sumarmono, M.Sc, Ph.D, explained about creating a Publon account. The Publon account is an identifier for articles indexed on the Web of Science (WoS). After the Publon account is created, then copying the publon ID is done to the lecturer Sinta account. In addition, if you already have writings indexed by Web of Science, the lecturer will get a researcher ID. This researcher ID will also be copied to Sinta’s account. Next, the speaker explained about Garuda, the domestic publication platform. Participants were asked to open the Garuda website, search for their respective names and publications, then copy their Garuda ID to Sinta’s profile. Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science that are copied to Sinta’s account will automatically increase the number of publications for each lecturer, and the impact will also increase the number of publications of the University.