Visit of the Faculty of Social Sciences Sunan Ampel Surabaya to FEB Unsoed

Thursday, (29/9), the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Soedirma University received a visit from the Surabaya Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in the context of an official visit related to sharing international class management. The Sunan Ampel ISIP Faculty group is Dr. Wise Setiyani, M.Ag (Vice Dean for General Affairs and Finance) and the Quality Control Team, from FEB Unsoed who attended this activity the Dean, Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments and International Class Coordinators. In his speech Dr. Wise Setiyani, M.Ag conveyed that the purpose of the official visit was to not only get together, but also to know firsthand about the management of international classes at the Unsoed Faculty of Economics and Business, including the curriculum and marketing strategy.

Followed by a presentation from the International Class Coordinator Drs. Agung Praptapa, MBA. Ak about the profile and management of the International class, and ended with a discussion and sharing session. Closing the official visit, the group from the Sunan Ampel ISIP Faculty Team were invited to see the buildings, facilities and infrastructure of the International Class Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Sudirman University.