Webinar Series 01, D3 FEB UNSOED “Don’t Look for Reasons to Quit, but Look for Opportunities to Continue Your Job”

This event was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Unsoed collaboration with Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi DIII (HMPS DIII) on Saturday, November 7, 2020. The event starts from 09.00 to 11.00 WIB via Zoom. This webinar has theme “Don’t Look for Reasons to Quit, but Look for Opportunities to Continue Your Job.” The event was hosted by Murtiningsih and moderated by Dra. Atiek Sri Purwati, M.Sc., Ak. This webinar was opened by Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, S.E., M.Si. as Dean of Economics and Business Faculty, Jenderal Soedirman University. This event was also attended by Lina Rifda Naufalin, S.Pd., M.Pd., Dr. Arintoko, S.E., M.Si., Dr. E. Najmuddin, S.E., M.Si. as lecturers.

In his remarks, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business said that this webinar’s theme is very relevant to the current conditions where job competition is very tight. Many people will look for excuses if they fail in a certain way or look for reasons to drop someone else to get a position they want. According to him, the theme of this webinar is very appropriate to motivate DIII students who will carry out practical work soon.

The speaker at this event is Agoes Susilo JP, he is a Keep In Spirit Institute Trainer and also the author of Yoga Music Running’s book. In the first session, the speaker asked the participants what is your goals after finishing college and whether we are serious to achieve them. Then, the speaker also gave games to the participants to look for some words related to soft skills, and the terms that we found are diligent, healthy, enthusiastic, excellent, ready, and top. Then, he explained the soft skills that needed by the company, including self-confidence, work, independence, multitasking, and others. He also gave several things so that we are excited to realize our goals, namely:

  • Expressed in a positive form
  • Based on self-will and self-control
  • Does not have a bad effect on ourselves, others, and the environment around us
  • Can be proven sensory

In the final session, the speaker asked us about our desires for the PKL’s place. On average, the participants hoped that the place is where they can find out the compatibility between learning on campus and the realities in the world of work. Before ending this webinar, the speaker gave an overview of what obstacles we will encounter at PKL and tips for dealing with these obstacles.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.