Webinar “Wise Management of Money with Bank Mandiri”

On Friday (17/12/2021), 09.00 to 11.00, the Representative Office of Bank Mandiri Purwokerto together with the Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED held a Webinar Wisely Managing Money with Bank Mandiri “Building Digital Ecosystem Through Mandiri” which was held via the Zoom platform. The speakers who attended were Edi Hargiyanto, as Area Head of Bank Mandiri Purwokerto and Wahyu Adhi Natalia, as a representative of Mandiri Investment Management.

This webinar discusses how to manage finances by presenting inspiring speakers. In this webinar which was opened by the moderator Dr Intan Shaferi S.E, M.Si, Wahyu conveyed how important it is to manage finances well and provide insight into being able to manage finances where this is very necessary considering that financial challenges will always come and go.

In managing finances, one must have long-term and short-term goals. Long-term goals are like investing in preparing your child for school and buying a house. For short-term goals it is like fulfilling mere desires such as entertainment, going on vacation, buying gadgets, and so on. Before buying something, we are advised to make a regular monthly budget first which must be set aside for purposes of either investment funds or emergency funds.

Furthermore, we are also told the steps to start investing and the risks. Investments can be made through Mutual Funds, Stocks, Time Savings, Gold Savings and many more. The risk in investing is liquidity risk, profit loss, and others.

In addition to investment, we are also told the proper steps in debt management. We must have the right debt management strategy, namely by debt for productive things with the amount of debt not greater than 30% of income.

To realize good and proper financial management, Bank Mandiri has several product highlights that can help us, such as Mandiri Prioritas, Smart Savings, CC Mandiri, KPR Mandiri, KKB MTF, and AXA Mandiri.

This webinar was attended by approximately 90 participants ranging from students, lecturers, employees, and others. The webinar took place interactively with discussion sessions related to good and proper financial management.