Business Administration study program is currently accredited “B”

Vision of the D3 Business Administration Study Program:

In 2030 it will become a superior study program in the field of applied Financial Administration and as a center for providing quality workforce and oriented to regional businesses with a global perspective.

Mission of the D3 Business Administration Study Program:

  1. Improving the quality of education in an integrated concept and practice to produce graduates who master the field of financial administration, have a competitive advantage and can adapt to stakeholder needs.
  2. Increase the quality and quantity of research in accordance with the development of MSMEs and rural-based economies that have a global perspective and publish scientific works at the national and international levels for the benefit of society.
  3. Increasing the quality and amount of community service at the national and international levels which results are useful for the business world, government and society.
  4. Establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between study programs and stakeholders through field practice programs in order to achieve professional human resources who can adjust to stakeholder needs.


List of courses in the Business Administration Study Program-D3:

  1. Statistics
  2. Unsoed Identity
  3. Introduction to Management
  4. Operational Management I
  5. Introduction to Computers
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Marketing Management 1
  8. Marketing Management 2
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Company Budget
  11. Financial Management 1
  12. Financial Management 2
  13. Introduction to Business
  14. Financial Management 1
  15. Financial Management 2
  16. HR Management I
  17. HR Management II
  18. Management information System
  19. Business communication
  20. Capital market
  21. Analysis of financial statements
  22. Practical Financial Statement Analysis
  23. Company Budget Practicum
  24. Marketing Management 1
  25. Marketing Management 2
  26. Practice
  27. Capital market
  28. Management Accounting
  29. Cost accounting

The main competencies of graduates of the D3-Business Administration Study Program are as follows:

1.Able to carry out business processes and administrationIntroduction to Accounting I & II
Management Accounting
Cost accounting
Financial Computers
Introductory Accounting Practices
Cost Accounting Practicum
Corporate Budget Practices
Practical Financial Statement Analysis
Introduction to Computers
2.Able to provide alternative solutions in the business administration processManagement information System
Civil Law / Business Law
Company Budget
3.Able to lead, communicate ideas in business transactionsBusiness communication
4.Able to solve work problems in the business fieldFinancial mathematics
HR Management I and II
Marketing Management I and II
Financial Management I and II
Operational Management I and II
5.Able to carry out business initiatives to develop entrepreneurial activitiesEntrepreneurship
Business communication
6.The ability to create new businesses as an entrepreneurEntrepreneurship
Business communication

Supporting competencies for graduates of the D3 Business Administration Study Program are as follows:

1.Ability to lead the organizationManagement
Civil Law / Business Law
2.Able to utilize and apply information and communication technologyManagement information System
Practicum Capital Market
Capital Market Analysis
Financial statements
3.Ability in foreign languages. (English)English I and II
English at Work
4.Able to develop themselves independently by being entrepreneurial and able to think logically and analytically to solve problems faced in a professional mannerEntrepreneurship
5.Able to interact and communicate with the work environment individually and in teamsBusiness communication
Report writing technique

List of Lecturers, Business Administration Study Program-D3:

Drs. Sigit Wibowo Dwi Nugroho, M. M.

Sri Hartini, SH, MH

Sukirman, S.H., M.Hum

Sri Lestari, SE, M.Si

MI Wiwik Yuni Hastuti, SH, MH

Drs. Tohir, M.M

Drs. Rasyid Mei Mustafa, M.M, Ak

Drs. Oke Setiarso, M.Si

Drs. Noor Asyik, M.Ag

Drs. Herman Sambodo, M.P

Drs. Bambang Sunarko, M.M

Drs. Amber Lumbantoruan, M.Si, Ak

Dra. Titi Nurfitri, M.M

Dra. Nunik Kadarwati, M.Si

Drs. Hary Pudjianto MM.

Dra. Irianing Suparlinah, M.Si, Ak

Dra. Dijan Rahajuni, M.Si

Dra. Atiek Sri Purwati, M.Si, Ak., CA

Dr. Adi Wiratno, M.M, Ak

Umi Pratiwi, S.E, M.Si, Ak

Drs. Supadi, M.Si

Drs. Sukiman, MP

Drs. Sugiarto, M.Si, Ak

Drs. Sudjono, M.Si, Ak

Drs. Mafudi, M.Si, Ak

Drs. Jaryono, M.S.I.E

Dr. Weni Novandari, S.E, M.M

Dr. Najmudin, S.E, M.Si

Dra. Suci Indriati, M.Si

Dra. Sri Martini, M.Si

Dra. Permata Ulfah, M.Si, Ak


Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED Prof. Dr. H.R. Boenyamin Street No.708 Grendeng Purwokerto, Central Java INDONESIA 53122

Telephone Number : (0281) 637970, 639643

Facsimile Number : (0281) 640268