Three Main Research Areas of the Faculty of Economics and Business

Economics and Development Study Field


Monetary Economics

  • Focusing on various policies issued by the government to regulate the stability of State finances.

Regional Economic-Development

  • Focusing on various restrictions on the economic area of ​​a country / region based on conditions and natural resources and human resources available in each economic area.

Agricultural Economics

  • Focusing on various phenomena and problems related to agriculture, both micro and macro.



Financial Management

  • Focusing on the various activities of planning, managing, storing, and controlling funds and assets owned by a company, both large companies and MSMEs.

Marketing Management

  • Focusing on various processes regarding the series of analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring and control of marketing activities to achieve corporate targets effectively and efficiently.

Human Resource Management

  • Focusing on various ways of managing relationships and the role of resources owned by individuals efficiently and effectively and can be used optimally to achieve the maximum common goals of the company, employees and society.

Operational Management

  • Focusing on the maximum management of all existing production factors, human resources (HR), machines, equipment, raw materials (raw materials) and other production factors in the transformation process to become various kinds of goods or services.



Public Sector Accounting

  • Focusing on accounting in the government sector (local government, village government and Public Service Bodies), as well as accounting for non-profit organizations such as non-governmental organizations and accounting for mosques and Islamic boarding schools.

Auditing and Information Systems

  • Focusing on auditing and information systems in the public sector, namely sectors that concern the livelihoods of many people (such as local governments, village governments and public service agencies, NGOs, cooperatives) and also small, medium, large scale businesses and family businesses.

Financial Accounting Sector

  • Focusing on the financial reporting process (from recording to reporting) in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), local government entities, village governments and other entities.

Management Accounting

  • Focusing on managerial accounting for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), local government entities, village governments and other entities